How Can You Benefit From a Solar Hot Water Installation?


Solar Hot Water Installation

Solar power has been finding its way into many different industries in the world today, and benefits from solar hot water installationinto even more applications in the home and office.  There are different types of solar energy that can be utilized to suit many needs.  Solar power has been bringing affordable energy to civic services, to powering homes, cars, and even aircraft, and one of the easiest, most common, and power saving applications is in heating water.  Water heaters have long been one of the most inefficient uses of power available, having to continuously use power to heat liquid in a container and keep it ready for use even when it’s not presently being used.  While the need for immediately available hot water can’t be removed, how that water is heated can.  Choosing a solar hot water installation for your home or business can help remove a lot of costs.

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Types of Solar Hot Water Installation

  • Active Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Direct Circulation
  • Indirect Circulation
  • Passive Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Integral Collector-Storage Passive Systems
  • Thermosyphon Systems

Active Solar Water Heating Systems

These systems heat a fluid, either liquid or air, by utilizing the power of the sun.  This heat is then transferred to a storage place where it can be utilized later.  Often these systems have a backup system in the event that there isn’t enough power available to keep the water at the desired temperature, and are called “Active” as they utilize a pump to circulate the water.  When you’re using an active solar water heating installation, there are two types of systems that can be utilized in bringing the heat of the sun to heat your water.

Direct Circulation

solar water heating systemsIn this type of solar hot water installation, the water is pumped directly through the collectors and into the home.  The water itself is actually heated and then pumped into a holding tank.  These systems are exceptional for those places where the temperatures don’t drop below freezing.

Indirect Circulation

These systems use a transfer fluid, and push it through the heat exchanger where it the heat gets transferred into the water holding tank.  These systems are excellent in those places where the temperature drops below freezing, as the transfer fluid often has anti-freeze properties and can transfer heat out of all but the coldest of days.

Passive Solar Water Heating Systems

Passive systems don’t utilize a pump to transfer fluid, instead letting the natural tendencies of heated water to rise to move things into a storage place.  In these solar hot water installation the heated water is stored at an elevation, taking advantage of hot water to rise to transfer cold water down to be heated while the hot water moves up into the tank.  The benefits of these is that they lack the cost of powering a pump to move the water or heating fluid through the system.

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ICS passive systems

This type of solar hot water installation integrates the hot water storage system as the collector.  Cold water travels into the collector plate where it gets heated by the sun, and is then transferred into the house hot water tank.  The water from the replacement tank flows into the collector plate, and the process continues.  This whole solar hot water installation, like all passive systems, doesn’t utilize pumps and therefor doesn’t require any water.

Thermosyphon Systems

solar hot water installationWater flows into this system when warm water rises when cold water moves to the bottom.  This system needs to be installed with care so that it is properly positioned for the water to transfer in the way it is.  Even more concerning is that the hot water tank must be stored up high, so one must keep the integrity of the roof or supportive structure in mind when using one.

These are just the four basic styles of solar hot water installation available, but from here there are different storage tank solutions you can look into.  There are many different makers and designers of these, so make sure you take the time to carefully consider which one you’re investing in so it will properly serve your family or business for years to come.

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rudyHow Can You Benefit From a Solar Hot Water Installation?