How To Save Electricity

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How To Save Electricity

When you’re into exploring greener power solutions, you’re looking at helping to make the world a better place.  Whether you’re just trying to lower your overall expenses or are trying to reduce your footprint on the world, you’re going to want to find out how to save electricity.  Reduced electricity use reduces the strain on your power system and reduces how often you’ll need to rely on grid electricity to cover imbalances.  If you’re not connected to the grid, you’ll need to be conscientious of your use as you manage your available power.

When you start thinking about saving money on electricity bills, you may immediately think of ways to stop using certain appliances, or putting on an extra shirt in winter.  But there are steps to take that won’t involve you tolerating uncomfortable temperatures or changing how you live your life unless you want to.   These involve some direct modifications to your home in some cases, or some rather clever application of landscaping in others.

Components of Saving Electricity In Your Home

  • Insulation – Balancing the temperature in your home with proper insulating techniques.
  • Weatherization – Getting rid of drafts around doors, windows, and other problem areas.
  • Painting Your Home – Taking advantage of the properties of the suns interaction with every color variation.

how to save electricityHow to save electricity with insulation

Insulation is a key component on how to save electricity in your home.  Insulation doesn’t just prevent your house from losing heat generated to keep it warm, it also prevents outside heat from getting in the summer.  Increasing the grade of insulation in your home and making sure that it is both functional and up to date can go a long way to saving energy used for heating and cooling your home.  To further save on electricity bills, you might consider switching to a gas or oil heated home, reducing your need for electricity and using a far more efficient source of energy.

How to save electricity with weatherization

Weatherizing your home is another big step on how to save electricity. You can start this process by upgrading the windows in your home to a double-paned, argon-filled windows that will slow the transfer of heat through them while still providing natural light in the home.  While you’re doing this, take an opportunity to check and update your caulk and weather-stripping to prevent air leakage from vulnerable areas like doors and windows.  Weather stripping and caulk are both remarkably cheap, but can save you quite a bit of electricity.  Sometimes your local utility will provide a home energy audit that will let you know where you’re using power.

How to save electricity by painting your home

The next steps on how to save electricity  involve a few changes to your home, but are simple to implement.  By making as simple a change as painting your home a different color, you can reduce the energy usage in your home quite a bit.  By painting it dark if you’re living in a cold climate, it will absorb more energy from the sun, making it easier to warm the home.  If you paint it a light color it’ll reflect away unwanted heat in the summer.

Solar Power Energy GlobeYou can take this a step further and plant shade trees along your southern exposure to divert more of the energy.  These are just a few of the ways on how to save electricity in your home. Keep looking for more ways to save on electricity to make the most out of your new solar solution!


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