How to Save Energy at Home with Electronics

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How to save energy at home

Today’s connected and networked world is bringing an increasing number of electronics into the average home. Whether you’re running a business from home, or trying to reduce power costs in your family budget, knowing how to save energy at home is going to help reduce the amount you’re paying to your utility company.  With the economy in the state it’s in today, everyone can use a little more money in their billfold at the end of the month, and these tips on how to save energy at home will help you reach that goal.

Ways on How to Save Energy at Home with Electronics

  • Power Strips – Save on energy by putting all your power in one place.
  • Power Seep – Watch out for appliances with standby modes.
  • Energy Stars – Look for the most efficient appliances available.


How to save energy at homePut it all together, one switch, one-stop

The first tip gives a nod to simplification, by consolidating multiple energy consuming sources to a single switch.  Power strips are a powerful tool you can utilize when trying to figure out how to save energy at home, by using them as a light switch of sorts, you can break power to each of the devices you have plugged into it.  This is a great solution for things like your entertainment center, standing lamps, fans, and other devices that may not see much use when you leave the home or go to bed for the night.


Put a stake in those energy vampires

Being aware of how your devices use energy is important in saving energy at home, and the first thing to be aware of is that some devices are energy vampires.  Energy vampires are devices that use a seemingly imperceptible amount of power, but are doing so every moment they’re plugged in.  Be aware of devices that fall into a “standby” mode, and be sure to turn them off when you’re not using them.  Examples like those above are devices like stereos and DVD players, all having timer displays that very few people use these days.  The dim blue light of the display is causing your meter to tick over, all the while lighting an unused room throughout the night.  Turning them off is a hidden way on how to save energy at home.


how to save energy at homeLook to the Energy Stars

With multiple TVs being found in most homes these days, along with monitors for everyone’s computer, there’s an often overlooked way on how to save energy at home. The industry has created a special designation for those display devices that provide exceptional energy savings over contemporary devices.   Looking for the Energy Star-qualified TV’s will save you up to %30 off your power costs for those devices, and that’s just the beginning.  Looking for Energy Star-qualified devices is another great way to save energy at home.


Benefits of Saving EnergyWith the electronics industry bringing in more and more devices each day to make our lives more convenient, connected, and interactive, knowing how to save energy at home, is going to be an important part of controlling the cost of living in years to come.  These are just few of the steps in saving energy at home and a critical look at the devices in your home, from your computer to the AC, even your cooking methods will provide many more.

rudyHow to Save Energy at Home with Electronics