Practical Uses of Solar Electricity Systems

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Uses of Solar Electricity Systems

Solar electricity systems have begun to grow in popularity nowadays. These systems are all about solar energy as an alternative to other wasteful sources of electricity to run appliances in your home. Reaching out to learn about these new devices can be intimidating to some but this should help you stay ahead of the curve. One thing to note about these systems is that they are split into two categories: Photo-Voltaic, or PV, systems and solar heat systems. PV systems make use of light from the sun to generate electricity while solar heat systems store and use heat from the sun to provide cost effective heating. Here are a few ways solar electricity systems are being used right now.

Solar Electricity Systems

  1. They are used to operate a hot water heating system.
  2. They are used to run electrical for home lighting and appliances.
  3. They can function as backup power during an outage.

Solar Hot Water SystemHot Water Heating System

Solar hot water heating systems can trap heat generated from the sun and use it to heat up water for use in your house. Solar heating systems require thick effective insulation to prevent unnecessary heat loss and can be used in any environment due to their ability to trap even small amounts of heat over time. Thus, allowing you to have all the heating you need when you do tap into it. These same systems can be used not only to provide cost-free hot water but can also provide heating for your home using the same methods.

Solar LightingElectrical for Home Lighting and Appliances

Flat solar panels known as PV panels are home solar power systems people are most familiar with. These absorb light from the sun and convert it into electricity which can then be used in place of electricity from your local power grid. With the strategic placement of just a few panels on your roof, you could dramatically reduce your power bill. In addition, local power companies tend to provide monetary incentive to use these systems, in some cases covering up to 80% of costs. These systems have also been shown to be effective in increasing property values for homeowners.

Uses of Solar Electricity SystemsBack-up Power During an Outage

So say you put some of these panels on top of your home but also use electricity from the power grid when you have multiple high energy demand appliances running, the washer and drier for instance. If you go a little further and install battery storage for your solar electricity systems, when the power grid goes out in your neighborhood your panels will have stored and be generating enough solar power to operate your necessities like lights, refrigerator, and communications systems. This way, you can make sure you’re not cut off from whatever you might need in an emergency.


In conclusion, solar electricity systems are effective both in cost and function to provide the things people need in their homes. Whether those needs include a hot shower after work or to charge your phone during a stormy power outage.


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