What Is The Best Solar Hot Water System?

How To Make a Solar Hot Water System

What Is The Best Solar Hot Water System?

Solar hot water systems provide one of the best types of solar power available, although considering a new solar hot water heater for your home can quickly prove a daunting task, especially with the technology being in a state of continual development and growth, as well as the complexity of existing systems. Before you ask yourself “what is the best solar hot water system” you should take a step back and consider whether your house is a good candidate for a solar hot water system. A few bullet points to consider:

  • Amount of sunlight
  • Surface area available
  • Weather

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direct solar hot water systemA solar hot water system naturally requires sunlight, so a resident of generally overcast areas may be out of luck. Solar energy is absorbed by collectors, which take up a significant surface area so space requirements are another consideration. If the roof of your house does not have sufficient space the collectors can be installed on the ground, again keeping in mind whether they will receive sufficient sunlight.

Trees may pose a problem, though it is possible to overcome that particular difficulty. The general guideline for spacing requirements is estimated at approximately 20 square feet (or 2 square meters) of collector surface area for the first two family members. For every subsequent family member, add 8 square feet if you live in a sunny area, or 12-14 square feet if sun is less abundant. These estimates vary based on collector efficiency and several other factors, such as insulation levels in the system and house. A solar hot water professional will be indispensible in making a final decision.

solar hot water systemClimate will also factor in to deciding what is the best solar hot water systems. Some systems are incapable of handling temperature extremes, such as freezing temperatures. Some solar hot water system uses a heat-transfer fluid, which may boil or freeze when exposed to roasting summer weather or blistering cold, damaging the tubes and pipes of the system.

Also, when you compare solar hot water systems it pays to check with your homeowners association and local city ordinances, as some cities have restrictions on solar energy use and installation.

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Now, to get to the actual question of what is the best solar hot water system, there are two distinct types of solar water heating systems:

  • Active
  • Passive

Active Solar Water Heating System

solar hot water system installationActive systems utilize pumps and controls to circulate the heat-exchange fluid. Passive systems, as one might suspect, do not.

Active systems exist in two variations: direct and indirect.

  • Direct circulation:
    These simply pump the household water through the collectors to gather heat. These work well in climates where freezing is not a concern.
  • Indirect circulation:

These pump a specialized heat-transfer fluid, which does not freeze, through the collectors and a heat exchanger which heats the water that is then used in the home.

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Passive Solar Water Heating System

Passive systems have the advantages of being less expensive, more reliable and potentially longer-lasting. However, they are generally not as efficient. Solar hot water system seems to come in pairs, as there are two types of passive system.

Integral collector-storage passage. These perform best where the climate is not prone to freezing. They also perform well in homes with higher daytime and evening hot water requirements.

Thermosyphon. These systems require a little more attention when installed, and are usually more expensive, but are also quite reliable.

So, what is the best solar hot water system? The answer is: it depends. Take into account the factors discussed here, do your own research and then consult a solar hot water system professional, who can help you make a decision. Try to find one with experience, one who has installed systems for other people and then ask previous clients whether they like their new hot water system and how well it has performed. What did they think of the service, was the guy helpful?

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Deciding what is the best solar hot water system can be difficult, but it is far from impossible and with a little knowledge and a little help you’ll be well on your way to reaping the benefits of a solar hot water system! Get the Best Solar Hot Water System at Solar Panels Victoria.

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