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solar panels is a-okaySolar energy is efficient, reliable, and renewable, but aside from the environmental benefits of powering your home or business with a “cleaner” renewable energy resource, there are financial solar panel rebates & incentives available when installing solar panels in Melbourne. Once you have a basic understanding of how solar panels work, the next step is investigating the cost of a solar panel system and what solar rebates and grants might be available to you.

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Last year, the the Clean Energy Regulator released that now over 1 million homes in Australia have installed a solar photovoltaic (PV) system , this growth has been attributed to the Australian Government Solar Panel Rebate systems. In Melbourne, Victoria the installation of solar systems in homes is around 12% of all suitable homes, this means that there is massive potential market growth. As more home and business owners avail of the solar rebates available in Melbourne, Victoria we predict to see installation double.

solar panel rebatesThese Australian Government Solar Panel Rebates were introduced to encourage the adoption of solar panels  both for homes and businesses, and allow those choosing solar energy to enjoy the cost savings of their new system even earlier. Together the State and Federal Governments provide Government Solar Rebates. We are experts in advising what solar panel rebates and tax incentives are available to you if you wish to install a solar panel system in Melbourne.

Types of Solar Panel Rebates and Incentives:

  • Government Rebates for Solar Power
  • Feed-In Tariffs
  • Special Financing and Tax Benefits

Government Rebates for Solar Power Systems

There are solar incentives designed to make the initial installation of a solar panel system more affordable, such as the Solar Homes and Communities Plan, later replaced by the Solar Credits Program, sponsored by the Australian government. The Solar Credits Program assigns a Renewable Energy Certificate to every megawatt of solar energy produced, and those RECs can then be traded in for cash. The RECs have been solar rebates governmentrenamed as Small Technology Certificates (STC’s). When you install a solar panel system, you are entitled to create and claim Small Technology Certificates (STC’s). You will receive 1 STC for every Megawatt of energy your system is expected to produce over the next 15 years. The Solar Energy Credits Programs allows consumers a significant discount off of the cost of a solar panel system, as many solar energy equipment vendors are able to trade the STCs for cash for a discount off the up-front purchase of solar equipment. STCs are purchased from consumers by power companies as part of their initiatives to meet renewable energy goals. If you are in a remote location and switching to a solar energy system, there may be a similar point of sale discount when purchasing your solar array equipment. For more information on Solar Rebates in Victoria, visit the Green Energy Regulator.

Feed-in Tariffs

solar interest ratesOne of the biggest benefits of a solar energy system is the ability to “sell” excess energy produced back to the power company. Feed-in tariffs is another example of solar panel rebates/ incentives available, and refers a premium rate paid over and above market rate for excess electricity produced by a solar energy system that is fed back into the power grid. It is important that as a consumer before you install an energy system that you are aware of all tax incentives for solar power.

Special Financing and Tax Benefits

solar incentives and tax benefitsThere are special financing options that are available for homes and businesses considering making a switch to solar panels, and some of those options are even available without a deposit. Taking advantage of special programs to finance the purchase and installation of solar panel equipment allows homeowners and businesses to enjoy the savings of solar energy more quickly. In many cases, the costs for solar panel equipment may also be tax deductible, usually for a percentage of the up-front cost spread over several years.

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Solar Panel Rebates & incentives offer additional benefits to those considering a solar panel system, and many of these benefits can also be extended to churches, schools, and other community buildings. There are also solar rebates for installing a solar hot water system, and solar water pumping systems. . Ring us today to find out more about installing a Home Solar Panel System and to find out more information Government Solar Panel Rebates in Australia. 

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