What is Solar Energy Used For?

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In today’s world, what is solar energy used for?

We have all heard about solar energy or solar power and at some point in our lives we have asked the question ‘What is solar energy used for?‘ In this day and age, most of us remember some of the earliest micronized solar panel technology commonly available.  The little windows on our calculators replaced the need for a standard battery, and these devices use so little energy yet they rarely if ever ran out of juice.  Things have come a long way since then, and the solar power industry finds its way into more applications with each passing day. More answers to the question ‘How is solar energy used?‘ are added at every new discovery time may bring.  Some of them seem a natural extension of our calculators, while others are taking advantage of cheaper and more efficient solar panels to sneak into areas we’d never have suspected.

What is solar energy used for?

  • Small Appliances
  • Powering Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Landscaping
  • Civil Projects

What is Solar Energy Used For

Small Appliances

Small appliances are one of the answers to the question  ‘What is solar energy used for?‘  Solar energy has become a lot more efficient in recent days, and other technology has advanced with it to create some truly useful and amazing devices.  On a recent camping trip I noticed a bright and friendly light coming from a friends tent, imagine my surprise when I discovered it was coming from a respectably bright LED lamp.  It looked in most ways exactly like a desk lamp, except its base contained batteries and a good sized solar panel.  After just a few hours in the sun, it was as bright as any home light and worked for hours.  This is just one of the ways that these devices have brought the comforts of home into the field.

Powering Homes

Another use of solar power is it is used in powering homes.  Everyone has seen pictures of homes with the tell-tale dark blue glass panels in, on, or around them, soaking up the suns rays and providing power to the home. It’s not just stationary homes that benefit, RV’s, houseboats, and other traveling domiciles have started to be equipped with panels to supplement the gas generator, and help save on gas costs when the vehicle becomes stationary. Homes that have gone solar are enjoying the benefits of this renewable energy including a paycheck from utility companies.

What Is Solar Energy Used ForVehicles

Recent innovations in electric motors, batteries, and solar panels have come together to create a promising new technology, the solar powered vehicle.  Imagine when we ask ‘What is solar energy used for?‘ in the future, and the answer is everything from boats to cars to, believe it or not, even planes. A recent innovation has led to a plane that is set to make a flight around the world using only the power of our own personal nuclear furnace, the sun. Years ago such a thing would’ve been unthinkable, but we’ve come a long way.


Landscaping is also one of the uses of solar power. One of the more beautiful and less practical applications of solar panels these days are in powering small landscaping lights. There are definite safety applications here, as it helps to keep your land well lit without spending the money to run electrical wires or pay the electric bill.  With the ability to place solar powered decorations anywhere the sun reaches, the ability to personalize your landscaping with glowing sculptures, walkway lights, and the like has never been so easy. There are even solar-powered fountains that keep flowing so long as the sun, or their batteries, holdout!

Just Solar PowerCivil Projects

What is solar energy used for that should make us all happy? How about spending less of the taxes every citizen is paying on things like powering street lights?  Street lights, stop lights, lighted construction signs, and much more are turning to solar energy to put less drain on our power grid, and to make sure that even when the power goes out, our roads are managed safely.  The ability to harness the suns power to keep our civil services operating even when the power grid goes out is an exciting and comforting advancement.

The next time someone asks ‘What is solar energy used for?‘, you can tell them ‘more and more every day!’ This list isn’t even close to being comprehensive. Solar energy is bringing electronics into places they couldn’t have reached before. Places without power grids are being able to provide internet access and laptops to children in 3rd world schools.  Medical and safety equipment is also being able to reach much further, and these are just the things still on the earths surface.  Satellites are entirely powered by solar energy, so you can thank the sun for your TV, Cellphone, and Internet transmissions around the world! So if at some point you find yourself asking ‘Why use solar energy?’, just think of all the awesome uses of this renewable energy.

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