How Are Solar Panels Made?

Solar Panel

Ever Wondered How are Solar Panels Made? What is a solar panel and how is it made? A solar panel detains the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells and converts this energy into electricity. You may then wonder how are cells made, the photovoltaic type which makes up a solar panel. The production of solar panels or solar cells is a complicated … Read More

rudyHow Are Solar Panels Made?

Solar Hot Water Panels in your System

Solar Hot Water Panels

Solar Hot Water Panels Solar hot water panels differ from the traditionally pictured PV (photovoltaic) cells used in solar energy systems. Solar hot water panels, or collectors, do not convert the sun into electricity as PV cells do, but instead trap the suns heat and transfer it to liquid running through the panels which then runs into your house and … Read More

rudySolar Hot Water Panels in your System

Home Solar Systems

solar energy powered home

Considering Home Solar Systems? Home solar systems are growing in popularity and use as costs go down and efficiency increases, making this alternative form of energy more sustainable for a home consumer. In the past solar was a questionable proposition, with high expense and low expected returns on your investment, but with recent technological advances it’s become much more reasonable and … Read More

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DIY Solar Power System

home solar panels professionals

Building a DIY Solar Power System The idea of building your own DIY solar power system raises many questions, the first of which being “is it even possible?” The short answer is “yes, it is possible.” The long answer takes into account the many considerations involved in building your own system. Benefits of DIY Choosing a System Installing the System … Read More

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How Big are Solar Panels?

Solar Energy

How Big Are Solar Panels? The average solar panel is approximately 18 square feet, so about 3 ½’ x 5 ½’ feet. A single solar panel will typically have a wattage of 185-240 watts and these panels are then combined to form solar arrays capable of the wattage necessary to make a significant contribution to your energy needs. But then … Read More

rudyHow Big are Solar Panels?

Photovoltaic Power

What is Photovoltaic Power You’ve probably seen calculators that have solar cells– calculators that never ever need batteries, and in some cases where it doesn’t even have an off button. As long as you have enough light, they seem to work for life. You could have seen bigger photovoltaic panels– on emergency road indications or call boxes, on buoys, even … Read More

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Solar Hot Water Cost

solar incentives and tax benefits

The Solar Hot Water Cost Question The novelty of solar water heating is hardly enough to justify the costs associated with installing a new solar hot water system, but ultimately the system should pay for itself and save you money for many years to come. The average solar hot water cost runs in the realm of $10,000. This is not … Read More

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How Efficient are Solar Panels

Future of Solar Energy

How efficient are solar panels available to the common buyer? When you start looking for ways to provide solar power to your home, and are trying to figure out how many solar panels you need, you may find yourself asking ‘How efficient are solar panels?‘ The efficiency of solar panels is determined by a number of elements, starting with the … Read More

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Solar Power For Homes

solar energy powered home

Installing Solar Power For Homes Solar power arrays are popping up on rooftops, becoming less of a novelty and a more common-place element of the city landscape. The cost of installing a system is at an all-time low, and the efficiency of solar power for homes continues to increase rapidly with the technological advances. Major home improvement companies such as … Read More

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How to Install Solar Panels

Solar Power Systems for Homes

Things to know about how to install solar panels With the rising cost of electricity, many home owners are trying to figure out how to install solar panels, or other energy generating equipment with the desire to drive down their dependence on civic power sources and reduce their monthly bills.  In their enthusiasm to chase the money saving green power, … Read More

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