How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar PanelsAt Home Solar Panels Melbourne we have the knowledge, expertise and products to meet all of your home solar needs. We take the time to thoroughly explain how solar panels work and go through the process to identify best solar system for you; our experts install everything safely and efficiently for you, and we take care of all the paperwork and necessary agreements to get you connected to the grid immediately.

Solar systems can be complex, if you are considering installing a new energy system for your Melbourne home such as solar panels, let us explain the basics of how solar energy and a solar system can work in your home or business.

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The Basics of Solar Power

  • The Sun – The source of all solar energy
  • The Solar Panel – The place that catches solar energy and converts it to DC electricity
  • The Inverter – The component that turns DC electricity into AC
  • The Battery – Where excess generated electricity is stored for later use.

The Sun

solar The sun is a massive naturally occurring nuclear reactor that is the gravitational center of our solar system, one of countless stars in our arm of the Milky Way.

Like all stars, it was created when incredible amounts of matter in the form of space dust and gasses came together until enough pressure and heat was generated to start a fission reaction deep in it’s core.

Almost all life on Earth relies on energy from the sun to live in one way or another, and when you want to know how do solar panels work?” understanding this is the first part.  Solar panels work by converting the photons (light) emitted by the sun directly into electrons by taking advantage of the properties of certain kinds of materials.

The Solar Panel

the panelsHow do solar panels work? As mentioned above, they work by converting solar energy into electrons, the stuff electricity is made of.  Silicon crystals were one of the first materials used in solar panels due to the natural property they possess of causing this conversion.

The larger the silicon crystal, the more effective they were, and this was a large part of why solar panels were originally so expensive.  Special processes had to be used to create larger silicon crystals to be used in the construction of solar panels.

Other materials with similar properties have since been created, and are part of what’s driven down the price of solar panels, but none of them are as efficient as silicon.  Once electrons have been generated through these processes, it’s then funneled into an inverter to convert it into AC power for use by homes or appliances.

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The Inverter

the inverterHow do solar panels work to power your home?  By taking the power generated by the solar panel and turning it into AC power.  There are multiple types of inverters, but the ones that work with your solar panels are typically a fairly complex set of circuitry contained in a unit for this purpose.

How this is accomplished requires a fairly solid understanding of electricity and the associated electronic components, but it’s enough for the layman to understand that this is the purpose this unit on your solar array serves.

The Battery

the batteryPossibly one of the most important parts of the answer to “How do solar panels work?” is the battery.  The battery isn’t technically part of the power generation system, but they are how power that is generated above your immediate needs is stored to be used later.

Batteries are a chemical storage device that can store a certain amount of power to be used later, and generally have a fairly long storage time.  Power stored in a battery can be accessed later to power devices on days when the sun isn’t out to produce your full requirements, or at night when no power is being generated.

green energyThe actual physics and details of how it is accomplished is quite involved, but for the average user of solar energy, this is all you really need to know. As the efficiency of power systems increases, and the price drops to make them more accessible to the average person, you can bet we’ll start seeing them in more and more places.

Solar power is becoming one of the most popular green power solutions, especially since the sun isn’t due to go out anytime in the near future.

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