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We make the entire process easy to understand and as smooth as possible so you can quickly begin using your new solar panel system in Melbourne and reaping the rewards of lower power bills and a greener environment.

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Go Solar In Three Easy Steps

We have the knowledge, expertise and products to meet all of your solar panel needs if you are living in Melbourne, Victoria. We take the time to explain the process and the best system for you; our experts install everything safely and efficiently for you, and we take care of all the paperwork and necessary agreements to get you connected to the grid immediately. With HomeSolarPanels, you can be up and have solar panels installed in three steps.

1. Consultation
ConsultationThe consultation is where our friendly and knowledgeable experts talk with you to discuss everything involved in the purchasing, installation and productivity of a complete solar power system for your home or business needs. This is a great time for us to listen to your questions and thoughts about going solar, and we strive to explain any concerns you may have. At the end of the consultation if you determine that solar power is something you want to pursue, we will then book a site visit.

Here are several of the topics we cover during the consultation:

  • Your reasons for going solar
  • What you’re looking for in a solar power system
  • Why going solar is beneficial to you and the environment
  • Whether or not solar is even a viable option for you
  • The different packages we offer

We look at your past power bills and electricity usage along with your budget to meet your solar and financial needs and provide you with quotes on several solar power systems that will give you the best return on your investment

2. Design and Installation
Design and InstallationOnce the consultation is completed, we have performed a site visit to determine the capacity for solar and have gathered the exact specifications, there are three stages in the design and installation process.

First we design three solar power system quotes for you to look over.

What’s In the Quotes?

Each quote from HomeSolarPanels includes several items:

  • The solar components and design. Various solar panel and inverter options combine to make different systems depending on your needs. Things like, how big your system needs to be, your current electricity usage, and how much sun your panels may garner, as well as your budget all play a role in the different designs.
  • The cost of each system. All our solar panels and inverters are top quality, and we pride ourselves in being able to offer systems for different needs and budgets.
  • Any payment plans or options available. We realize the cost of going solar is expensive and yet we want to help everyone find high quality, affordable solar solutions. HomeSolarPanels knows how important renewable energy is for our clients and our planet. We have extensive, up-to-date information about all of the government incentive plans to help you save money on the upfront costs of investing in renewable energy and converting your electricity to solar.

Second, once you have picked one of the three options we will provide you with the booking agreement. The booking agreement contains the specific details about the package you have chosen including which solar panels (as well as how many,) and the solar inverter that combine to form your system. Everything will be listed clearly along with the system costs, installation
costs, and the payment plan. You have the option to sign off on it or discuss any changes you and our specialists find necessary.

The third and final stage is installation. After the booking agreement has been signed, our technicians will draw up the final electrical wiring and installation plan, and then set up a date to install your system. We handle everything from getting an onsite inspector, to finalizing the paperwork with your utility company in order to get you connected to the grid.

3. Enjoy the benefits of Solar Power!
Benefits of Solar PowerAs soon as installation is complete, the system is approved by an electrical inspector who we coordinate with. They provide the Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) which we in turn give to your power company so that they can convert your power. Our specialists take care of all of this for you quickly and efficiently so that you can be up and running on solar power as fast as possible.

Now you can begin to reap the rewards of your smart investment in a solar power system from HomeSolarPanels.

Hotline: (03) 8672 1455

Benefits Of Your New Solar Power System

  • Enjoy watching your electric bills drastically reduce, and start saving money now.
  • Feel the relief knowing that as energy prices continue to rise in Australia, your bills won’t.
  • Learn how to maximize your electrical efficiency so that any excess you generate, but don’t need can be put back on the grid for monetary incentives from your state government.
  • Sleep easier with the knowledge that your investment will continue to pay off for the next 25 years or more.
  • Take pride in helping keep the environment healthy by using a clean renewable source of energy like solar energy.

HomeSolarPanels’ Service Is Designed For You

Energy Efficient HousesOur team of specialists at HomeSolarPanels is constantly striving to streamline the conversion to solar energy for our clients. Our goals are to provide you with the knowledge and comfort in choosing a system that is of the highest quality and affordable for you. We hope that our threestep process makes the journey to solar an exciting and comfortable one for you. Get to know more about Solar Power Panels in Melbourne.

Hotline: (03) 8672 1455

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