Five Reasons to go with DIY Solar Panels

Solar Power Systems for Homes

Five Reasons to Make You Go with DIY Solar Panels

When you first started looking at adopting DIY solar system for home, it can be easy to think that it’s not worth the effort. However, you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover the following facts about:

DIY Solar Panels

  1. They are beneficial to the Environment
  2. They can be made for cheaper than you would expect
  3. They pay for themselves
  4. They are dependant on the sun
  5. They are so easy to make you can Do It Yourself!


Think GreenDIY Solar Panels are beneficial to the environment. These solar panels convert light they receive from the sun into electricity that you can store or use directly in your own home. This in itself is great but not impressive, as we already have electricity for our homes. That is until you take into account that they don’t pollute the environment as other energy producing methods do. Also, solar panels can lay flat on top of pre-existing structures such as houses or sheds. You don’t need to take up valuable space on your property to use them.


DIY Solar Panels can be cheaper than you would expect. The solar cells themselves are the most expensive component in your DIY solar panels. What people don’t realize is that you don’t necessarily need to buy enough to power your whole house when you first start out. You could begin with a single panel and work your way up, steadily reducing your power bill. Bought separately you can browse the internet for deals on your solar cells.


DIY Solar Panels pay for themselves. One of the best parts about these solar panels is that they quickly save you enough money to pay for themselves. First you get a few panels running and using the microwave is free, then the television, followed by your lights. Eventually, you don’t even have a power bill and you can start putting that money back in your pocket. Even better, if you produce more electricity than you use, the local utility may have to pay you for the excess. You’ll actually be making money off your panels!


DIY Solar Panels

DIY Solar Panels are dependent on the sun. Sick of gas prices going up as available fossil fuels run out? Well, you’ll never have to switch back from using your solar panels to paying your power bill. The source of power they use is the ever renewable energy of sunlight. When you’re off at work they can soak up the sunlight and place the excess power into battery storage for use during the night or when light levels are lower.


DIY Solar Panels are so easy to make you can Do It Yourself. The structure of a solar panel isn’t a government secret, and there are many helpful people on the internet with tips on how to get the right amount of voltage for your needs.  The basic components of DIY solar panel kits are pretty easy. You’ll need a sturdy surface to mount your panels onto, a collection of solar cells, and a plexiglass surface to protect your solar cells from the weather without hindering light intake. You’ll also need the ability to solder your solar cells together, conductive wiring such as copper to connect your panels and series of cells together. You’ll need blocking diodes to prevent your solar cells from trying to siphon energy back from your battery. And then you need a connector to plug into your solar power storage unit.


DIY Solar PanelsThis information should take some of the mysteries out of making your own solar panels, and should serve as an excellent foundation for more research to get you going.  With a small investment of time, money and a little bit of know-how, you’ll be putting up your own do-it-yourself home solar power in no time.

rudyFive Reasons to go with DIY Solar Panels