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It’s no secret that Solar Panels can save you a lot of money, saving up to 80% of your energy bills. But the cost of getting something quality with local warranty, without huge upfront costs, has been near impossible.  Until now!

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HomeSolarPanels is Melbourne’s premier solar specialist and we’ve secured the most amazing solar panel deals for anyone living in Victoria.

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Solar panel Warranty

solar panel guarantee

Not only do we offer some of the best solar deals in Melbourne we are proud to offer a 12 year guarantee.A Solar company’s installation quality is only as good as the Warranty that is backing it.  If a solar panel provider is confident about their installation, they should have at least the kind of warranty we provide.

Our Melbourne Solar Panels are covered by an extensive 12 Year product warranty plus our Solar inverters are covered by a 5-10 Year product warranty.  Don’t settle for solar energy systems that have a “workmanship warranty” less than 12 Years. We are delighted to offer this warranty to our Melbourne customers.

 Hotline: (03) 8672 1455

Why Go Solar?

solar rebates incentiveThere are many advantages to installing a home solar system to your home or business in Melbourne. To start with, once installed solar power is essentially free. The number of solar systems in Melbourne has been steadily increasing over the last number of years. This is due to a number of significant reasons ranging from reduced energy bills, the positive impact on the environment and the financial support from increased Government Solar Rebates and incentives. Along with our special melbourne solar panel deals, the benefits of installing a solar system far out weigh the disadvantages.

Solar Panel Benefits

  • Enjoy watching your electric bills drastically reduce, and start saving money now.
  • Feel the relief knowing that as energy prices continue to rise in Western Australia, your bills won’t.
  • Learn how to maximize your electrical efficiency so that any excess you generate, but don’t need can be put back on the grid for monetary incentives from your state government.
  • Sleep easier with the knowledge that your investment will continue to pay off for the next 25 years or more.
  • Take pride in helping keep the environment healthy by using a clean renewable source of energy like solar energy.

Get Your Melbourne Solar Deal

We are ready to install them for you! Contact us today and you’ll know in 2 minutes or less if you meet the requirements for our no interest, no deposit solar deal on solar energy production! If you’re ready for new solar panels Melbourne, then you need to call now before our Victoria Solar deals fade away.

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