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About Solar Panels Melbourne

Solar Panels systems are growing in popularity and use in Melbourne, as installation costs go down and efficiency increases, making this green energy more sustainable for a home and business consumer.

At Home Solar Panels Melbourne we have the expertise and products to meet all of your solar panel needs. We take the time to explain the process and the best solar system for you; our solar panel installation experts ensure everything is installed safely and efficiently for you, and we take care of all the paperwork and necessary agreements to get you connected to the grid immediately

How do Solar Panels Work?

If you are going over the pro’s and con’s of installing a solar panel system onto your Melbourne rooftop, its important to know about how solar panels work. From how the sun hits the roof to the components of a system.

Solar Rebates Melbourne

solar rebates incentive - Happy Melbourne CustomerThere are a number of government solar rebates available in Melbourne, Victoria. These solar rebates can help reduce the cost of installing a solar system substantially. At Home Solar Panels we can advise on what rebates and incentives are available in what Victoria area and Melbourne suburbs.

Solar Panel Installation

solar panel  system installation melbourneOur Solar Panel experts specialise in solar panel installation for  domestic and commercial customers in Melbourne & surrounding suburbs. We make it easy and affordable  to go solar with system design, solar installation and help with any available government grants or solar rebates. Our Melbourne solar panel installer team are on call to provide you with a free quote today.

Home Solar Panels

Solar House Panels or home solar panels are growing in popularity and use in Melbourne, as costs go down and efficiency increases, making this alternative form of energy more sustainable for a home consumer. In the past, solar systems for the home was a questionable proposition, with high expense and low expected returns on your investment, but with recent technological advances and increased availability of Solar Rebates and incentives it’s become much more reasonable to install solar systems for the home

About our Melbourne Solar Panel Systems Service

solar system experts in MelbourneWhen a solar provider truly believes in their work, they’ll provide a thorough warranty that will back up their service for years to come.An amazing warranty is included in our Solar Panels Melbourne Sale that will cover all domestic solar panels with a complete 12 Year Product Warranty, and the inverters are back by a 5-10 year product warranty!

We have such confidence that we offer the best solar panel deals in Melbourne and in our equipment and installation that we won’t provide you any less in our warranty. With no deposit and interest free, we are offering the best solar panels deals Melbourne, Victoria.

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Solar Financing

solar panels savingsWith the past instability of the solar panel industry, getting reasonable financing was difficult. There have been far too many instances of companies that have come and gone, leaving financiers a bit timid about getting involved in the industry.

With our companies long standing reputation has instilled a level of confidence in investment from our financing agents that few can command. The benefits of our success are passed on to you with payment options not to be found anywhere else.

Solar Replacement Guarantee

With your new solar panels out soaking up the beautiful Melbourne sun, you’ll be slowly cutting the umbilicus that ties you to commercial providers of electricity. Every day brings you to a more self sufficient status, able to continue experiencing the comfort of electricity at any time of year, in any weather. This means you want to have the most reliable equipment available all year round.

Solar system installation MelbourneNothing lasts forever they say, not even the sun. Eventually, your solar systems will need upkeep as the units age, and regular maintenance will keep your inverter working properly and your solar panels more efficient. At this stage, nothing can be more important than knowing that the company that installed your solar power equipment will be there to stand behind it.

Every moment you’re without your solar panels is another minute you’re pulling power from the grid, or suffering a complete power outage in your home. No longer is electricity merely a convenience, it is essential to maintaining health, comfort, and communication with friends and family. If you’re experiencing a covered issue, we’ll stand by our work and make sure that everything is repaired, replaced, and back up and running in short order. Our expert installers will explain how solar panels work and our guarantee will ensure even if it requires a full replacement of the part, we’ll have it done, not a promise a lot of solar power companies Melbourne will make.

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