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It’s no secret that Solar Panels can save you a lot of money. But the cost of getting something quality with local warranty,without huge upfront costs, has been near impossible.  Until now!

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United Solar Energy is Melbourne’s premier solar panels specialist and we’ve secured the most amazing deals for anyone living in Victoria.

  • Quick 2 minute Application on the phone
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  • Best Quality Solar Panels in Victoria
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Our Solar Panels come with a
12 year, 5 Star Local Warranty

solar panel guaranteeA Solar company’s installation quality is only as good as the Warranty that is backing it.  If a solar panel provider is confident about their installation, they should have at least the kind of warranty we provide.

Our Residential Solar Panels are covered by an extensive 12 Year product warranty plus Solar inverters are covered by a 5-10 Year product warranty.  Don’t settle for solar energy systems that have a “workmanship warranty” less than 12 Years.

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Australian Solar Council Certification

solar panel council

Using their 50 years of involvement with the Solar Industry, the ASC has designed the Solid Gold Certification to represent only the best in Solar Installers.

We believe all Solar installers should be a Solar Gold certified company but in reality only a select few are given Solar Gold Certification by the Australian Solar Council.

Our dedication to these highest national standards help us achieve this.

Raising the Bar

Clean Energy Council

Dealing with an approved retailer of the CEC ensures you get a higher standard of quality and service, that we always act ethically and educate customers about the ins and outs of buying solar panels or a solar power system and it ensures that we are not engaged in misleading advertising. We are proud to be listed as one of only a handful of companies in Australia that are prepared to meet (and exceed) that standard.

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  5 Star High Grade Products

Solar Panel PremiumWith so many different brands of Solar Panels in Australia, quality is the first feature that gets compromised when buying on price alone.

We set our standards higher, providing only high quality, reliable, and tested equipment from the best of Australian distributors.  By buying locally, we can guarantee that your warranty will be provided by Australian companies serving Australian companies.

Our desire to provide our services from local provider have allowed us to negotiate the highest quality equipment at an incredibly affordable price. 

Solar Power Energy Globe100% renewable Energy

Even the best residential solar power will leave you relying on some electric company during hours of darkness. Knowing this, we are constantly researching the market, finding the best possible power deals for our customers.   By leveraging our buying power, we’ve been able to consistently find the best electricity prices on the market – all with 100% renewable energy power.

No More Rising Electric Costs!

Solar Panel CoupleWhen you’re providing the majority of your own power with high efficiency solar panels, you’re no longer reliant on the power company for the price of your power.  

Using the free and abundant energy of the sun, you can almost completely eliminate the cost of electricity.

That means YOU get to control the cost of your power needs and spend money on something a little more worthwhile.

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Our Reputation and Stability Secures Great Finance Deals!

solar panels savingsMost companies who deal with solar panels can’t get access to the best in financing options for their customers.  Over the years there’s simply been too many start up solar companies that have come and gone, leaving most financiers very cautious about getting involved in the industry.

However our reputation and longevity has built a lot of confidence and trust in the financing companies that deal with us.  As such, we are able to pass the benefits of this relationship on to you in a suite of payment options with one sure to suit your family.

Guaranteed Replacement

Solar Panel WorkmanshipEvery day you have a solar power array, you’ll be reducing your need to rely on the local power companies for your needs.  As your reliance decreases, you’ll want to make sure that you have the best and most reliable system.

Eventually your solar system will need maintenance, whether the inverter starts experiencing problems, or the panels need to be checked for efficiency, the day will come.  What’s important to know is that the company who installed it is still around to help you.  And if they are, what sort of repairs or maintenance they offer to get your solar panels working again.

We know that every minute of downtime is a minute you spend relying on the grids power, or suffering with a reduced capacity within your home.  Power is part of everyday convenience, and if you start experiencing warranty covered issues, we’ll be there to not only fix any problems, but we actually replace that part and get you back on with your day! New for old?  It’s the fastest way to make you happy and it prevents any need for us to come out again.  It makes perfect sense.  But not everyone does that.

Are you ready for solar panels now? 

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Simply call us today and we’ll let you know in less than 2 minutes if you qualify for our no deposit, no interest solar panels deal.

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